Offices /Workstation Checklist

Dust cobwebs

Dust blinds if applicable

Clean and sanitize telephones, office machines, tables, and other furniture from outside

-Dust /wipe desk and drawers from outside if required by the client

-Wipe down Office chairs

-Dust windows sills and window frames

-Dispose of all waste and rubbish (We charge an additional fee for sorting trash)

-Dust wipe mirrors (within reach)

-Remove smudges from light switches and doors/ sanitize door handles

-Dust baseboards

-Vacuum carpet, hard floor(mop)

 *Please let us know if you have any special request



-Wash and sanitize toilet  area (lavatory, Bowls, floors, mirrors, doors, dust walls)

-Replenish consumables (provided by the client).


Kitchen (if applicable)

-Cleaning the entire kitchen including the sink, IH stove/ gas stove (disassembling and cleaning ), counter, drain, faucet, walls around the gas stove, range hood from outside.

- Cabinet facings, clean all appliances from outside.



*Pricing  does not  include the following services:

-Windows Cleaning 

-Balcony Cleaning

-Kitchen Range Hood internal system cleaning
-Vents and air conditioner wet-washing (Internal System )
.Please find more information in the Following Link ....> Add-on services 


Additional fee - Pricing depends on the size

Inside Cabinets: 

Inside refrigerator / fridge DEEP Cleaning
Inside Oven DEEP cleaning 
Inside microwave DEEP cleaning  
Inside Fish frill DEEP cleaning 
Balcony cleaning: Per square meter
Windows Cleaning: Per square meter (Inside, outside). Please specify the areas to be cleaned a) frame b)glass c) screen doors