In-house services: Minimizing the risk of exposure to COVID-19


1. The client’s home or dwelling is a workplace when our worker is there to perform work.  We talk to our  clients to ensure they understand the risks of COVID-19 and   about the control measures we have implemented to minimize the risk of exposing them or our worker to the virus.


2.  We  also inform our clients that as an ‘other person’ in the workplace they have a duty to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and ensure that their actions or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others.


3. We ensure that the residents of the house are in good health. Before a worker enters a home,  we  request the client to inform us  whether any resident of the house:

*has been diagnosed with COVID-19;*
*is suspected of having COVID-19 or is awaiting results of whether they have COVUD-19;

*has been, or has potentially been, exposed to a person who has been diagnosed with

COVID-19 or is suspected to have COVID-19 (even if the person who is suspected to have COVID-19 has not yet been tested); or has symptoms linked to COVID-19 such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.


Our Workers will not enter a client’s home if this is the case.



 Health checks and quarantine


 We monitor the health of our workers for key symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever. We direct all workers (whether they are at the workplace or not) to report to you if:

* they are experiencing any symptoms
* they have been, or have potentially been, exposed to a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is suspected to have COVID-19 (even if the person who is

 suspected to have COVID-19 has not yet been tested), or

* they have undertaken, or are planning to undertake, any travel.

* We Stop workers working if they are displaying symptoms. * We Stop workers who have contracted COVID-19 from returning to the workplace until the provide evidence they are clear of the virus.



Physical distancing


One of the most effective ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19 is to limit physical proximity between workers and others. To encourage physical distancing – keeping everyone at least 1.5 metres physically apart.


1)   We request clients stay away from the area where workers are performing work. For example, residents of the house may stay in one room whilst a cleaner performs

their work in another room. Then the cleaner and residents rotate so the cleaner can perform work in the other area.


 2)  If residents of the house must be in the same area as our worker, we must calculate the area where our worker is and set an upper limit on the number of people who may be in that area at any one time in order to keep the minimum 1.5 metres apart as much as possible.


3)  We aim not  to interact with the client  in person .  We request contact less payment if possible over cash.