How Much Will It Cost To Clean My Home/ Office? 

We operate on a flat rate basis given the number of rooms, and we also offer hourly services for any customized job, add-on services and extra messy homes/offices . 

Will All House/ Oficce Cleaning Visits Cost the Same Amount? 

The first house/ office cleaning visit usually costs more than subsequent visits. Generally, it takes additional cleaning tasks to get the home up to TH team standards.  Once this initial visit has occurred, your home's cleanliness can be easily maintained with our regular visit cleaning tasks. You will receive an estimate for both the initial cleaning and the regular cleanings up front.

How Shall I Pay for your services? 

You may pay by Cash, Bank transfer/ deposit, or Paypal 

What if I need additional hours?

If you would like to add additional time to your scheduled appointment, even if you think you might only need an extra 15 minutes, please let us know as soon as possible. You will not be charged for additional time unless you use it.

Do I Have To Be Home When TH Team Cleans? 

This is your option. You may give us a key to be safely stored

Home entry preferences:
a) Client is present 

b) Is present only  at the start of the service  

c) Is only present at the end of the service  

d) Staff holds keys 

e) Staff find and leave  key in the mailbox.

Do I Need to Provide Cleaning Equipment or Supplies? 

We bring all our own supplies  and equipment if it is requested by the client.

*For residential cleaning , vacuum machine and toilet brush are to be provided  by the client.  

*For residential cleaning (Hourly rates) we  provide cleaning supplies for an extra fee. 



What If Something is Damaged?

We promise to treat you and your home /business  complete respect. However, accidents occasionally happen. If something unexpectedly breaks or becomes damaged as a result of our actions, we will make arrangements for replacement or repair. If you have any fixtures, pictures, or wall hangings that are improperly secured, please place a yellow ‘Post-It Note’ on these items. This serves as a red flag for our crew that the item is not secured and will be damaged if touched.

What If I Have Mold in My Shower?

Since we do not know if your bathroom has adequate ventilation, we ask that you spray any heavy mold at least 6 hours before we arrive. Many products that kill mold are not safe for our cleaners to breathe and inhalation can cause severe internal damage, including deterioration of the esophagus lining and lungs and scarring of the respiratory tract. Thus we can't expose our employees to unsafe working conditions. If you require us to spray a chlorine based moldicide, please note that our cleaning crew cannot remain in that room, or go back into that room after spraying.